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Enabling cell to make long distance international call without adding the LD saver?

How can I enable my cell to make international calls (right now it can't) without adding the LD saver monthly charge? I'm on a monthly plan and just tried to call overseas. I couldn't connect and got a recorded message telling me to contact customer support. I did, and the guy I talked to said I had 2 options, either get the LD saver and pay $2 every month for a reduced LD rate (say, 20 cents/min), or just make a one-off LD call at a higher rate (say, 50 cents/min) but I still had to enable international calling, which I could do myself online... But I've looked through the site and I only see the option to add the monthly LD saver, which isn't worth the money for me. How can I enable my cell to make long distance calls without adding that monthly LD charge?

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There should be an option in Self Serve for something along the lines of "international dialing access" but not the $2 LD saver add on. Still, why you don't want to pay the $2 LD saver and get a cheaper rate than pay the normal rate is beyond me. In most circumstances after just a few minutes on the phone you would have recouped the cost or not adding it and then it's just continuous savings beyond that.
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According to what I've read you need the long distance saver to make any call that would require an international dialing code. If you're calling the states this doesn't apply although adding it would give you a better rate. You do have some third party options as well. Skype2go converts long distance numbers to local numbers for 2.99. A month (no contract) and uses no data. JahJa is great for people who have unlimited incoming calls as it rings you and then connects you to your party for about .02 cents per minute prepaid. It also allows you to convert long distance numbers to local if you want to skip answering the phone and just calling directly.
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Hey Vrana! To enable international calling from your mobile phone, the LD Saver at $2 or Pay-Per-Use-International long distance feature at $0 has to be added. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
I have a question guys . What if I have a Koodo phone , I am currently and the Us and desire to call Haiti . What would be the rate ?