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EASY ROAM mis-represented on Koodo website??

  • 15 November 2021
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I am struggling to figure out why I am being charge $13/day while I am in Mexico. Per Koodo website if I do not answer my phone, make phone calls, send text messages or use data then the Easy Roam charges should not kick in. Yet I do none of those and still am getting charged regularly, seems like false advertising but perhaps I am missing something?

I have two numbers attached to my Iphone 11. My Canadian number via Sim and my Mexican number via E-sim. Per the settings on my Iphone all of my Canadian number data is turned OFF and my Roaming is turned OFF. Per my settings below I only allow my Mexican number to access data. I never answer phone calls, send phone calls or send text messages via my Canadian number.  I’ve read on here someone suggest there is background data being used if the Data is not turned off but as you can notice in the screenshots below the data is off for my Canadian Sim card and still I am charged. 

Can someone please explain how easy roam ACTUALLY works? Is there a solution to my situation? I still need to RECEIVE text messages, but nothing else. No calls, no data or outbound texts are needed.


Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.





2 replies

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Remove easy roam from your self-serve, but leave in international voice roaming. That way, you will still receive SMS. Such billing disputes would require speaking with a Rep more directly. You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to get it sorted out since you're currently out of country.

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Hi @mr.sweaters 


We’ve applied an adjustment to your bill, we’ve sent you a PM with more details, feel free to check it our when you get the chance.