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E-mail offer invalid?

I received an e-mail offer for the Long Distance add-on this morning (Feb 28, 2014) and it says it costs $2.00 per month. When I went to the self-serve site online to sign up, it indicates that it's $3.00. A service rep also told me that it's $3.00. Was the e-mail sent in error?

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The price changed from $2 to $3 January 30th, 2014. Evidently the text for the promotional emails never got updated.
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Can you post the email here via a screenshot.?

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Yeah, I got the same email also. If you live in Quebec, I believe there is a consumer protection law that obliges Koodo to honour the advertised price in favour of the consumer. Your province may offer similar protection.
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Our bad! I really appreciate you flagging this to us Marc 🙂 Please send us an email using this link http://koo.do/11eMLdy. I recommend that you sign in with your self serve account so that we can acces your account info, as well as selecting the social media category so that your email will go right to our inbox. You'll hear from us within the next couple of days. Thanks again!