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Double Plan Promotions

I would love to see some more double plan promotions. I've been waiting 2 years to see the "$56 for UNLIMITED Canada-Wide + 2GB" to make its way back. Lately the promotions seem to have fewer minutes and more data; which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Please just keep in mind the double plans are also really good for light users. I am constantly checking the Koodo website, social media (Facebook), and calling to follow-up with promotions. But have yet to see the "$56 for UNLIMITED Canada-Wide + 2GB" being featured

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As nice as it would be, at this point we're probably not likely going to see that plan back. Last year prices went up to compensate for shorter terms, and since mostly people want data most that will continue to drive prices.
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Double data promotions would be awesome! I'll give your idea a +1 🙂 I don't see this happening as Jorden said but we can still hope 🙂