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Double Billing

I paid Koodo last month through the bank and then also got a bill on Visa from Koodo and therefore paid again. I honestly did not expect a bill this month but got one. When I signed up they took my Visa number and said I would be billed on Visa and just notified of my bill through Email. Ain't happening. HELP. Anyone else had this problem?

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Yes, happens all the time, Pamela, no worries 🙂 Just call Koodo (*611) so they can refund one of the two payments 🙂
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Since you double paid last month (you did verify that money was given to Koodo via bank and the Visa card), this month's bill should be lower (or $0 if you incurred no overages) as the second payment would have given you a credit on your account. Is your bill lower or the same? Check the details of your ebill by downloading it from self serve on a computer. If you want your bill notification sent via email, you can set that via your self serve account on your computer.
Preauthorized payments WILL NOT BE DEDUCTED FROM THE ACCOUNT if there is no balance owing.