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does unlimited incoming charge long distance

I have Unlimited Incoming. Does unlimited incoming charge long distance. If my local area is Toronto, and I happen to be in Vancouver, and someone calls me, (call originates in Toronto) will I be charged Long Distance because the call is now bounced to Vancouver.

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If your plan is a CanadA Wide yes you will be cover for LD
Will this go against my Cda Wide minutes even though it is incoming? I ask this because unlimited evening/weekends states that it is only for local minutes
If you plan inclueds unlimited incoming calls and you have a Canada Wide plan You wont pay LD charges and the minutes the incoming call last wont be taken out of the minutes that your plan inclueds, the minutes of your plan will only taken off whenever you call out only.
perfect - thanks
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What plan do you have and where have you seen such a statement?

Also, keep in mind that your local time will be based on the city you're in. If you have unlimited evenings and weekends and someone call you at 6PM from Toronto and it's 3PM in vancouver, you will not be using your unlimited minutes
Unlimited Incoming Calls include airtime only, subject to long distance charges when outside the local calling area if your plan is a local one.