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Does Koodo have a phone upgrade program like Rogers? And chose the wrong plan.

  • 16 November 2012
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I've been a Koodo monthly customer for years and still on an LG Keybo. Been meaning to ask if Koodo can upgrade my phone, the phones I want(not ancient ones) on "Phones" are all for new activations. Like my bro got a new BlackBerry 9900 for $99 on Rogers. He's giving me his old 9000(?) to use on Koodo, already unlocked. I mistakenly changed to the new promo plan Data 40 when I should have chosen the one with "BB". Any way I can change it before my next billing cycle? Both are of the same price, Thanks!

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9 replies

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Hey Senri You can uppgrade to awesome Koodo new 3G/4G phones for no cost especially if you accumulated points on your tab, check it out on their web site: http://www.koodomobile.com click on phones: Android, windows, iphones, Blackberry phones they have huge selection to choose from
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You can upgrade your phone anythime you want. Your bro got a BB9900 for $99 but that likely came with a 3 year prison sentence (aka contract). You can use your tab anytime plus koodo now has a trade in program so yo might get something for your keybo as well.
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Hi Senri You can get a new phone with Koodo whenever you would like. The cost of the phone would be the retail price listed minus upto 150$ from your tab. You can check your tab by signing into Self serve. When/if you upgrade you will not receive the free.gift card that is offered on some devices though. EX: if you wanted the Samsung Galaxy S II X and your tab is 0$ to +150$ you could get upto 150$ off making the 300$ phone 150$.You can use any where between 0-150$ of tab $. Your tab will build up every month as 10% of your bill before taxes gets added to the tab balance. As for changing your plan, you are only able to do this in Self serve once a billing Cycle. You may be able to call Koodo(1-866-995-6636) to see if they can change it but they have a limit of one per month as well so there is a good chance they won't. Hope that helps
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Let customer service know you picked the wrong version of the plan. They can fix it and waive the service charge since it's not something you can fix through ss until next month.
heyyy everybody i also have a question! i want to stay with koodo but am not satisfied with my phone. i have had it for a long time now but i used all the tab when i bought it so i could get it free.... any way i can still upgrade cheaply?
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heyyy everybody i also have a question! i want to stay with koodo but am not satisfied with my ph...What do you mean you used your tab? You mean your tab is still a negative balance? It doesn't matter. Whatever the balance is, Koodo can put $$$ onto it until it hits -150 which is the maximun. You can try calling Customer Service and maybe seeing if they will offer you anything but other than that, you would have to buy your phone. There are ways to get tab points though. You can trade in your current phone for some Koodo credit, or you can refer your friends. Each complete referral will get your $25 in Koodo Tab Credit for you and for your friend. My tab was originally -95, but I referred 5 people so it's like +30 now! Referral credit does take 6-8 weeks however for it to be processed into your account. You may be comparing Koodo with other companies since they can get upgrades, but those upgrades come with a 3 year contract, while Koodo doesn't have any contracts for you to sign!
heyyy everybody i also have a question! i want to stay with koodo but am not satisfied with my ph...thank you very much!! one more question for you though!! Could you recommend any cheap phones for me? i was thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Ace but the reviews aren't that great 😕 any ideas? and thanks again!!!
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heyyy everybody i also have a question! i want to stay with koodo but am not satisfied with my ph...I have a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Ace and I can tell you that it is a great phone for it's price! The refurbished models are only $75 (but it is difficult to find one in stock). It's a much better phone than my old phone (Blackberry Curve 9300) because it has more applications available, more customization, more abilities. I do have a problem about the small amount of internal storage however but that's really the only problem I have with it. I do have to kill applications frequently due to the low amount of RAM but, oh well. That's what you get for a cheap phone. If you are willing to spend a bit more money, the Samsung Galaxy S2X is really a good phone for it's really good price! $300 outright for that? That's honestly a really a good price. At the end, it depends on your budget and what you expect/look for in a phone.
heyyy everybody i also have a question! i want to stay with koodo but am not satisfied with my ph...great!!! I hope koodo will have one in stock soon! I would love to have the galaxy s2 but the price is a bit much even if it is worth it... Thanks again for all the help!