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Does adding an authorized user report to both users equifax?

  • 8 August 2019
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Hi Koodo Community,

I was wondering if Koodo sent good payment reports to the credit bureau's for both Authorised users on an account?

What I am hoping I can do is have dual-ownership of an account with my partner so we get both gain credit from the payments. Is this possible? Kind of like a joint bank account or credit card.

Thanks so much,

5 replies

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No, I don't think adding another user would add to your credit report from Koodo. They would still use the same credit file from you when you registered.

I believe Koodo only have one account owner (Authorized user isn't the same as owner). If you need to build credit for someone else, you could look into the spending limit program https://www.koodomobile.com/help/spending-limit-program
Ah, thank you @Dinh .

That's what I wanted to know. Joint-ownership vs. Authorised user.

I have a phone plan with Telus and my partner has one with Koodo. What I was hoping to do is add each other as owners on both and have the payments reported to the credit bureaus. Then it would appear as if we both have two phone plans reporting to the credit bureaus.

Seems like we might not be able to do that.

Thanks for the reply.
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I don't think so. Because the account owner is the one to show up on the bill and make payment.
The authorized person can make change of plan or purchase under the owner.

Im authorized person, but account owner is my husband, and I do manage our account, but my husband is actually financially responsible.
I don't know being authorized person make any changes for my credit score since I have my own finance resources...

But I'm not 100% sure.
Thanks @Mayumi !

I am an authorised user on all my mum's accounts with various things. It just makes it easier - but none of those report to the credit bureaus.

I was hoping for joint-ownership and therefore all the payments get credited to both my partner and I.

As an authorised user I am fairly certain (based on being an authorised user on my mum's accounts with Bell) that only a joint-owner would report to the credit bureaus.
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Yea, you can put any any name for authorized users. Only one credit check for one person gets done for each account thought and that's the one that would get reported.