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Do you stilloffer data add on packages? Where can I find the cost?

I'm presently on Serving Size 50 plan with an unlimited messaging add-on.. I'm getting a new phone, and I was looking for the data rates, but I don't see it in the add ons section. How can I add data to my present plan? Where can I find the rates? I do not want to change my package because I never talk with my phone, so I'm happy with my present talk plan, would just like to know how much it would cost to have the option of using data please

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I don't think data saver is available anymore. If you don't see it in Self Serve under add-ons, then you can't get it.
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Unfortunately, we no longer have the data add ons, but if you check the current plans there should be one that has some talk time and some data on it and all of our plans do have unlimited text and picture messages (but picture messages do require using data). If you have a blackberry then there is an addon still available, but all others do not