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Do i need a base plan to use Koodo prepaid

I use want a prepaid to use for a few calls a month and i dont want a base plan can i still use koodo prepaid.

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Hi Steve, In order to use Koodo prepaid you have to have a minimum base plan of $15 which includes unlimited SMS and MMS (international messaging is included as well). So you can't just use the service without it unfortunately. Hope that helps answer your question
Unfortunatly no sir, a base plan is a must on Koodo prepaid!
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Depending on how long these phone calls last, Koodo prepaid might still work for you, as getting the $25 voice booster is a pack of 500 mins, essentially 5c/min for LD calls in Canada, and they would carry on each month as long as the base plan of $15 is renewed. Any other carrier's prepaid would be around 20c or more per minute for local and upwards of 50c for LD. It just comes down to your minutes usage. I know you said a few phone calls a month but they could be long or short. If they're short, Koodo prepaid won't work for you. Try PC mobile prepaid if you're only doing local calls.