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Do I lose airtime minutes for receiving calls after 5pm and before 8am?

  • 1 December 2014
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Does free calls after 5pm and before 8am only apply to making calls not receiving? As I've been docked minutes from my airtime minutes when someone called me at 8 pm at night and I didn't expect to lose minutes for that!

3 replies

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Unlimited Evening and weekends iinclude incoming and outgoing. Do you see on your ebill that you are being charged for incoming calls when you are in Canada/local area during the evenings? If so then you will need to give Koodo a call *611 on your Koodo cell (also a free call... at least it should be billed as such).
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No its free incoming and outgoing anywhere from Canada to Canada. Give customer service a call and explain your situation and they will be able to resolve your issue. . First make sure your plan does include free evening beginning at the time you think, you can do so by logging into self serve and checking what's included in your specific plan.
Great, thanks for the reply.