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Disconnected after 3 hours on hold. Are you not interested in retaining customers?

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So after 3 hours on hold for a Retentions department agent to change my plan to this 10GB promo, I get bumped from the Queue.

I'm pissed off and going to the mall. I may have a new carrier when I get back. Which jerks should I go with this time?

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Doesn't really matter. Everyone has the same plan except Freedom has 50 for 10gb and 2400 minutes, unlimited sms and 500MB of away zone / us calling so whatever else will work for you. Most have even dropped the "bonus data" part and it should all be 10gb permanently now I believe.
Correct all providers are now making it permanent 10gb and not term based.
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In Canada choosing's really a matter of who pissed you off the least recently.
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I was told that I would get a call back today or tomorrow and that I had to be transferred to the proper department. After waiting 3 and a half hours I was informed that all agents are busy and to try again later then disconnected altogether. So after last night, and today I've been on hold for over 5 hours! I think I will try my luck elsewhere with this level of customer service, it's unacceptable.
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And the thing is they are the idiots that started the price war. Way to start a war a butter knife. 

Great execution Telus. You're number 3 for a reason.
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They have no intention of giving this deal to anyone. They did this just for publicity and are now rationing the plan. It's not even a fair rationing by queue because they are flushing the queues every three hours.

I have every intention of filing a CCTS complaint over this.
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Total of 5.5 hrs for me. Unreal. I'm glad I made the mistake of staying with this company for almost 4 years
First day I was on hold so long that they closed their office and told me to call back today. I asked if they could call me, and they said no. 

So I called today. 2 hours on hold later (and several automatic hangups) and I'm told by an automated message that they're too busy to help me. Tell me that at the START of the call next time. 

I've sent them a message on twitter and told the rep last night that if I don't speak to retention I'm going to switch. Only been a customer for a month and I already hate this company.