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Difference between Int'l Dialing & LD Saver and International Long Distance Saver

I currently have Int'l Dialing & LD Saver at $2 a month but am not sure if it gets me the 0.05c/minute rate that Int'l Long Distance Saver at $3 a month gets. What's the difference between the two add-ons?

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I'm pretty sure they're both the same thing but the $2 one was before the add-on bumped up to $3. But just to make sure we should wait for a clarification 🙂
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It's the same. What country are you calling? It's pretty easy to verify if you are getting the right rate. Just divide any of your calls to the country by the length of the call an you'll see what you are paying.
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The difference in name is mainly due to the fact that the ld saver plan is no longer required to dial international numbers, as international dialing has been enabled by default on all koodo accounts.
Thanks everyone. From what you've said it seems as if the old LD should get me the rate I'm wanting.