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Data used when it shouldn't have been

I was placed on hold from 8:10pm- 9:40 pm tonight and then was disconnected from the kiosk mobile help services. I am disappointed with that service. My issue I was attempting to call about was that I was driving when I kept getting notifications from Koodo saying my data was at its maximum; this was over a 15 minute span. I had no apps running and my phone in sleep, yet 625 MBs of data manages to get used. I have been a Koodo customer for 8 years and never once had an issue. But, I need this data for the rest of the month for my work and I cant afford to pay for extra. Whether the app glitches out, or it was hacked, this data was not used by me. Is there any way to be refunded that data?

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Did you go your your app usage in settings of the device and see what it was that consumed the data? What was it?
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As Paul said, go to settings then app usage and it will list all the apps that were using your data. I have a feeling that your apps were updating while your phone was asleep. Have you set your apps to update on wifi only?
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Hi Andrew! Were you able to find out what was using up your data in the end? You may need to restrict background data. Keep us posted 🙂