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Data Usage

I was just wondering if I go over my 1GB of data usage, what the charges would be above and beyond that 1GB? I can't seem to find the answer on self serve?

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Hi Leanne, This will depend on your plan but I would imagine $5/250 MB. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html Hope this helps! Peter
It would be $5/100MB of data
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Hi Leanne, Which plan do you have? Have you signed up for Koodo recently or have you been with Koodo for a long time? The reason I ask is because some of Koodos older plans offered a higher data overage than the current plans do. If you have just joined Koodo within the past few months then the data overage for plans are between $5/50 MB and $5/250 MB (depending on price point). Hope that helps
so to sum up look on the plans tab and it tells you what it will cost for any overage.based on your plan. If you are on prepaid buy the 1g booster for $30 its the best rate.
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Depending on when you got the plan the overage charges can differ. You can check the overage data charges in self serve under Plan and addons→ Plans and if you hover over your current plan it should advise of the data costs