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Data Upgrade

  • 19 April 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi, I am a long time Koodoo customer, I pay $50 a month and only get 1GB data when I see others are getting much higher data, 6Gb… 10Gb…. can I please upgrade my data to align with other customers please. Thank you. 

2 replies

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Yes! You are free to change your plan through self serve. Login, click view rate plan, change rate plan, and then select which one you'd like to switch to.

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@DJCook I see you were able to change your plan and got 4 extra gigs and keep the same price as you paid before. Glad everything went well! Bear in mind the the your next bill will have some proration on it, showing a partial of your old plan and partial charge for your new plan. After that  bill everything should be back to normal.