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Data sharing - add it and I'm there

I know that others have brought up this idea before (with the answer being that the billing system would need expensive updates), but the ability to share data amongst devices would be a big reason for me to ditch Rogers and move to Koodo. I currently have a grandfathered 6GB super plan from Rogers where I share my 6GB between my phone and tablet. It works out very well for me. Rogers is now pissing off many customers (me included), by not allowing a subsidized purchase of new phones without moving over to a far more expensive plan. In my case, that plan would cost $444 extra EACH YEAR, far outweighing any benefit of getting a subsidized phone. As a result I went direct to Apple to pay full price for an unlocked phone which allows me to keep my plan, but it also gives me the freedom to defect from Rogers anytime I want. They are definitely not thinking ahead on this policy. And before you bring up the tethering option, let me say that I would rather not. Tethering is good to use in a pinch, but it has annoyances that go along with it. It means I have to have my phone nearby in order to use my tablet, my phone battery is impacted, I need to manage the status of the hotspot, I need to manage which wifi I'm connected to from my tablet, etc. With data sharing I don't need to micro-manage all of that. Koodo, you have a number of attractive features, but it's this one thing that is a block for me from moving over. You may have to bite the bullet at some point and implement this in order to attract people like me.

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You did the smart thing getting an unlocked phone. Just a note, if you are not on contract with Rogers anymore, call them up and ask for your 10% off No Contract discount.
Dennis wrote:

You did the smart thing getting an unlocked phone. Just a note, if you are not on contract wit...

I may try that, but I suspect it will be problematic. Rogers only wants to do adjustments on "select plans", which means you have to be using their current share-everything plans which are horribly expensive. And the no contract discount seems to only apply to these new share-everything plans. It seems to be a common problem amongst all carriers that only new customers count. Keeping your existing customer base happy with incentives and promotions is a foreign concept. But I digress. Koodo appears to have some decent plans, I just wish there was data sharing in the mix.
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I've been for this for a long time.