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I was just thinking, since recently there has been a new game released called [b]Pokemon Go and there are millions of users, and it requires data. It's [b]VERY popular right now. I think there should be a new [b]Data Promo!
[i]Just a thought!

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Luckily we already have some plans with more than enough data to catch Pikachus and lose Gyms. Data usage depends on what you’re doing, how long you’re playing, and if you let the app run in the background. From what we can tell the data usage for playing Pokémon Go can range between 2 megabytes to over 8 megabytes an hour. Looking around we see people talking about using approximately 60-80 megabytes of data to get to about level 8 and catch over 500 Pokémons. So, a 2gb plan a month will leave you enough to enjoy playing and have data for other things as well. Of course, wi-fi is the best way to get the best of both worlds.
I mean for the lower plans.
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Lower plans are lower because they have less data and because of marketing they won't let you add more data for cheaper then a higher end plan even if you don't need all those minutes. In other words, minutes are cheap, texts even cheaper so the only way to get more data is to change plan for a higher level one pr to wait for a data add on to come.to koodo