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Data prob.

I changed my plan yesterday from unlimited phone and text to 750 minutes and data and it still isn't working. Data on wifi works. Data is enabled on my android and access and my mobile network settings all appear to be correct and set for Koodo. A techy friend also looked at and is perplexed why not working. Any answers? and if not if I take to Koodo Kiosk in Vancouver/Burnaby will they help me?

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Just to be clear, you are saying you had a no data plan before, and now you are on a data plan and it just isn't working? -Beside your service bar do you see 3G or LTE when WiFi is off? As for will they help, they will help for sure. Koodo has pretty great customer service in my experience...the fix should either be a setting on your phone, or Koodo made a mistake with enabling your data plan.
Yes, I had a no data plan before and now have data and phone and text work but not the data. There is no 3G or LTE in service bar but 3G is indicated in network settings.
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Could it be that data blocked on your old plan? I would call them and verify.
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Agreed. I would give Koodo a call or go see them in person.