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data plan for skype voice only

what type of data plan will be food enough for skype use

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Skype uses a lot of data generally! I would suggest getting an ISP for this. (Internet service provider).
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If you're just going to use voice, I would suggest assigning your top 30 contacts a Skype to go number (included with a subscription) and getting a plan with unlimited minutes. Skype2go uses your regular cell minutes but it translates the long distance numbers into local numbers for you. For instance my folks line in Florida (561) but I live in Magog Qc (819). Instead of dialing 561-###-#### for them I dial 819-300-0707 and viola I get my folks. Best part is I can register more than one phone to use those numbers so my wife's phone can use them too. And don't worry that it gave out my folks skype2go number because only registered phones can use the numbers. My unlimited north American subscription runs me 2.99$ a month.