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  • 4 October 2020
  • 6 replies

I recently changed my plan to 6G of data. It is not showing up non my plan though and now there is a lock on my data.


6 replies

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Did you get the confirmation of your plan change?

Yes, I received an email with my plan details. Was I  supposed to sign it and send it back?


I just looked at it and it says that the 6G of shock-free data is included in my plan


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@LouiseD  You mentioned  you changed recently. Data is prorated for your bill cycle. For example if you did your plan change or upgraded mid cycle the the 6gb is prorated to 3gb. So is you plan price. Your next bill cycle you will have access to all 6gb since you are paying full price for your plan too. I hope this helps!

Not really. I had 5 + 2 G and the cancelled the 5 now I don’t have any data left on my plan.


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@LouiseD  If you send us a direct message on Facebook we can authenticate your account and share exactly what is in your current plan.