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People usually use their anytime minutes on plan not so much even if it is unlimited. It is better if Koodo has big data plans (2-3 gb) including little anytime minutes (about 100-200 minutes) on 40-50 dollar plan.

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Ya we the customers all know this Unfourtunatley since we all needddata to enjoy our devices that where carriers have decided to gouge us all, so I don't see this happening as we've seen data prices skyrocket as of late and amounts of data dwindle sadly. It would be nice if carriers would let us enjoy the devices they're selling us to their fullest potential without breaking our bank accounts but they seem to always have an excuse of why this isn't feasible, excuses I and many others see right through. However all we can do is smile and feel dirty every time the issue comes up and the excuses begin to fly or when we pay our bill with very little feel of satisfaction about getting our moneys worth. Sorry I went on a rant a little lol.
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I'm ikaros fan wrote:

Pul here application my help this proson www.fongo.com

This person wants more data, how exactly would this be helpful?