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Data only plan

  • 1 March 2021
  • 3 replies

I live on a farm and the only internet I can get is a ROGERS rocket hub which runs on their 4G network. It is slow and expensive. My phone is KOODO and it is excellent. Does KOODO have any plans in the near future to offer a Data Only plan for 50 or 100GB per month without breaking the bank?



3 replies

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Nothing has been announced so I wouldnt hold you breath. 

If Koodo is providing you with a good connection speed I recommend you look into Telus as they will use the same network

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You could check out Telus internet for rural area https://www.telus.com/en/bc/internet/smart-hub I think they offer better rateplan than the normal cellular data only plan. 

Alternatively, you could go with satellite of ElonMusk - starlink (it isn't cheap but the data is unlimited) here is the link https://www.starlink.com

I did contact TELUS. They said their smarthub is only available in BC and Alberta.


Starlink may be a possibility in a few years when Musk has covered the globe, but not really a 24x7 solution.

I absolutely refuse to deal with BELL. Their inability to fairly deal with billing discrepancies is intolerable.

 Other satellite providers have a 600ms latency that won’t work for me.

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