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Data Only Plan

I wish that we had the option to have a data only plan that hooked into the phone and text system from any device. Similar to google talk, but wildly integrated into the phone systems. Someone's calling? It connects and rings on all logged in devices. I rarely call someone. When someone calls me, I wish I had the convenience of listening to the inevitable voicemail clip from my computer. Koodo was always my best cell experience and I wish they would be the first company to adopt this modern business style which I have always beleived to be inevitable direction of all mobile companies.

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You could use a VOIP service to do that, and more.
Thanks, I'm aware. What I mean is a data only VoIP plan from Koodo that uses sim card data through Koodo. (Or WiFi when I'm at home.) Its the same number that people call to me and allows me to be mobile. Small but important distinction. As well the keyword: integration.