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Data Limits with Roaming Add-ons?

When I purchase an add-on for talk, text, and data use in the USA, my phone still cuts me off when I reach my Canadian data limit. Is the US data additional data, or just different data? Am I still limited by the amount of data on my main plan?

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What could be happening is that your phone(If you have an Android device) could have been set to block data once a certain limit is met. Go to settings > Mobile Data > and uncheck Mobile Data Limit to turn this feature off and use more. Just make sure when you come back to Canada you turn it back on so you don't get charged overages!
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Depends on the phone you have, there is a roaming data check box, that you likely had unchecked.
Well, yes, I think I can figure turning off the limits on my phone, but my larger question is about the data itself. If my plan only covers 300 MB of data a month and during the month I travel to the USA and purchase an add-on that gives me 250 MB of data, is that actually an additional amount of data? Say I have used 175 MB of data here in Canada, then I go to the States (having purchased 250 MB of roaming data) where I use 200 MB. When I return to Canada, will I only have 25 MB of data left on my regular plan before being charged additional fees, or should I have 125 MB left (my regular plan of 300 MB minus the 175 MB I used before my trip)? I want to avoid additional charges if possible, so I am hesitant to turn off the Mobile Data Limit feature before I fully understand everything.
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Your included monthly data amount and US add-on Data amount are separate things. You have 300mb in your plan and used 175mb means you have 125 mb left in this billing cycle. You bought US roaming add-on -250 mb data included- and used 200 mb. You have 50mb left on the rest of add on days. If you couldn't use up your add-on data amount, you won't be able to add/transfer to monthly amount
Sweet! That is the clarity I was looking for.