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Data Limit for Kids

I would like to be able to have the data cut-off on my kids phone when they reach their monthly limit. The data alerts are just ignored by them and they have no idea how much they use.

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Prepaid would be a better solution for you, since they can't use data unless there's an active booster. Currently the system doesn't allow for overages to be disabled. PC Mobile postpaid has this feature, though... You can disable overages for minutes (but will allow calls in the evenings/weekends window and allow it if you ask for it) and data will cutoff after the MB limit (but you can enable the overage if necessary).
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I would just like to have a basic option in Self Serve to cut off data wen the limit is reached and allow only the account holder to enable this. I see value in this beyond just controlling kids' usage.
It'd be an Option to Cut Data as soon as the limit is hit and a TEXT sent to continue and pay overages or to just quit data until the next billing cycle.
There are features in the phones themselves for this. On my Samsung Galaxy S2X there is an option to completely disable Data usage once your monthly limit has been reached. In my opinion however, kids should not have access to Data plans. Unless they have a grasp of the cost of using Data, and how not to overuse it, they really have no right to need Data on their phones. Save yourself from extremely insane bills and go prepaid like Jonathan mentioned
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RedMageX wrote:

There are features in the phones themselves for this. On my Samsung Galaxy S2X there is an optio...

Phone features can only go so far. You can just turn on data again. This is dealing with data at the account level.
I question that I am asking is how does Koodo Regulate data on Prepaid, Imagine your 1GB booster has just run out. Does data just stop working? Is a text sent? Because then a feature like this could be enabled in self serve just to cut the limit! In response to@RedMageX, I agree that kids shouldn't have access to data plans, they have no idea how much youtube, Facebook or other pages consume. Prepaid is just perfect as it just cuts the limit if data is added. All the Best Hayden
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Unfortinately, as parents I think it's very important to educated children on data useage. If they have no concept on having a cell phone or it's useage it's the end users responsibility to this. Otherwise, the bill is the consequence. With that being said, I would be for the idea for adding a data cap option on self serve for customers. Especially when the subscriebrs are underage. Also would prevent bill shock to the account holder. I give a star for this idea and I would love to see a data cap added on self serve as an option for customers.
You hear stories of Rogers and Fido customers who have there kids go over excessive limits when roaming internationally and raking large bills. I feel that just a ticker that says once my limit has been hit, shut off my data.