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Data Issues

I just received my phone today and Koodo messaged me about using 95% of my data when my plan doesn't include data and I also haven't used any data please help

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Which plan are you on? You may not have a set data amount included in your plan which mean you have pay-per-use data. Phones come with some preloaded apps and that maybe using your data or you used your phone in wi-fi and left things on. Turn data off on your under settings to prevent it/
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You might want to go into self serve and verify which plan you have or call customer service if you haven't set up self serve yet and make sure you actually have the plan you wanted. Also if you have an android phone any widgets on the homescreen for such things as weather will take data to refresh the info. You can turn off data in the settings of the phone but you'll need it on whenever you want to send or receive picture messages (MMS) If you don't want to use data at all ever you can ask to have a data block put on the account and the phone won't be able to use data at all, however then you won't be able to send picture messages at all unless you call and have the data block removed .