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Data is too expensive, make it cheaper.Source: $5/20mb STANDARD RATE

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Or EVEN some addons. Jesus kodoo... this is unacceptable, I can't begin to fathom how frustration doesn't reign supreme amongst the users, customer satisfaction eh?

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You won't see lower data prices, Jakebanks5. As long as we'll be buyers, they'll be sellers. Want to see change? Do not buy any. When they find themselves selling lots of something people don't want/aren't willing to pay for, watch the prices crash down. Only a couple years ago, no one would've dreamed about unlimited Canada-wide minutes, yet, here we are. We have unlimited buckets of something we use for less than 50 minutes a month. Because they hold minimum value (the voice minutes), they don't mind (almost) giving them away. When something is not in demand, its price drops. By keeping demand up, we only contribute more to the insane data prices.
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Some random Mobile Master wrote:

You won't see lower data prices, Jakebanks5. As long as we'll be buyers, they'll be sellers. ...

I would like to see Koodo lead the way with all plans come standard with unlimited calling. Just like they all come standard with vm/cd/unlimited texting
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Theres a secret. If you look at the plans available now, you just pick the plan that's $5 more its like adding on a data bundle(that comes with minutes too). Im pretty sure their goal is for customers to just pick a plan that suits their needs, so that they don't actually use any data overage. Unfortunately, most customers pick the cheapest possible plan with the hopes it will be enough, and then get upset for always paying overage. When, if they chose a little more expensive plan, they could have saved money by not going into overage.
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True enough, however the difference between the cheapest plan and then next one up, as far as data goes, is entirely negligible.