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Data disappearing suspiciously fast

I got a text last night warning me I've used half my data this month (which is unusual enough) and have 512 MB left. I only used wifi last night and when I checked this morning, I have under 300 MB remaining. Where is my data going? Has anyone else experienced this? It feels like a dumb question, but can others somehow pirate my data usage? Thanks.

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Not really, your sim is your link to the network and data use so it's unlikely that it's been hijacked. Make sure wifi is actually on, restart your router frequently, and things like wifi assist (iphone) or Smart Network switch (android) are disabled.
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You should be able to see (in your phone's settings) what has been using your mobile data.
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Some data saving tips:


Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've always kept an eye on my usage and always use wifi when possible though. I turned off the data this morning and somehow burned through another 90 MB so something is definitely wrong. I'll contact koodo directly and post more here if any answers become apparent.