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Data disappeared on my phone

ALL my data disappeared in less than 24 hours when I bought my phone!

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It's not the provider doing this, it is the abilities of the phone itself. If you can let us know what kind of phone you have, we can tell you how to stop it going forward 🙂
There's definitely an app that needs some settings changed in your phone, or a lock so you don't use any by accident when it's in your pocket or even try using wifi when your home/work if ever possible. Especially iPhones you can easily exceed your data limits.
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If you have an Android and you have any widgets set up on any of your home screens they will take data. You can go into your settings and click on data usage if your Android (if you have an android) is running version 4.0 & above and it will show what apps are taking data from then make sure to close them and also set them not to sync so frequently.