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Data charge but no data use

My wife has a canada talk&text plan with pay-per-use data. She does not use data but there is always a data charge on her bill. The charge is like 0.01mb each day and the total each month is $5. How can I disable data on this bill/phone?

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Call Koodo and request a data block Keep in mind this means she will not be able to send or receive picture/video messages via MMS.
Same thing for me too..but every time that I all kook and Teel them that I never used that date a they tell me that there's no way that they can tell if I did use it or not!?!?!...wth
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If you have android check this out: http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/data-and-how-to-make-the-most-of-it/ If you have an iphone: Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Network Change the APN settings under [b]Cellular Data, Visual Voicemail, and Personal Hotspot I suggest something simple. For example change "sp.koodo.com" to "NODATAsp.koodo.com" This will ensure no data leakage happens since the APN address is incorrect. However you can still send/receive picture messages via MMS. NOTE: If you ever reset your settings your modified APN address will revert. I susually make sure my sim card is pulled out when I need to reset settings to prevent accidental data usage. Then make sure everything is turned off/changed and then put my sim card back in