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Data bucket add on

I need to be able to buy additional data when I know I'm going to go over in my billing cycle. My last 2 bills have been really high due to overages that were unavoidable. Just like I can add a US plan, I should be able to add a more data option with the same tiers or a flex plan with a $25 data bucket with reduced data pricing after.

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Oops.  I see this is an idea.

I think it is a great idea!  You never know when Koodo may implement something like this
I envision it functioning exactly like when I go to the US. I get a text saying I'm at my data limit, and to text DATA back to see plans to add a 30day additional amounts, with a discounted cost for further overages if I go over again. I think many people would appreciate it just like we do the US plans, as that program is very well managed. I don't always need big amounts of data, but I'd love to be able to pre pay for it when I do and save in the process.