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Data Block with Picture Message $3

  • 9 October 2020
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Hi All!  WHAT does this add on do exactly?

I have an OLD PLAN, that I am perfectly happy with, btw, and I have this add on, but I don’t know why it’s there? OR what it’s for, or WHO added it?

Can someone please explain this in LAYMAN’s terms for me Please?!  Thanks in advance! 

Frustrated in London, ON… :( 


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3 replies

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There have been several similar threads about this. I would suggest you search the forum. Here is one case https://community.koodomobile.com/plans-add-ons-66722/data-block-with-picture-msg-feature-7799549

Basically, Koodo increased the price on their current Data block add-on but allowed MMS. That should be communicated via your last bill. I would suggest you check your last PDF bill and see if there was a notification there.

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When you send or receive picture message, you have to turn your data on. And if you didn't set up your phone to prevent data leakage, many apps try to access/grab your data. Then you get data charges.

Data Block with Picture Message Add-on will prevent this unnecessary data charge.

If you have an old flip phone or use MMS carefully with right phone settings, this could be prevented. 

If you have a plan with data, you don't need worry about it. But you mentioned you have an old plan with this add-on. It used to be free, but now Koodo decided to charge the fee. You have voice of remove it or keep it.  You can research about MMS data leakage in the community or Google it

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You may remove this add-on using your self serve account but you have to take some measures (smart phone settings) to prevent unintended data usage, such as:

Android OS

Settings>Network & Internet>Data usage>Mobile data

  • disable ‘mobile data

Settings>Network & Internet>Data usage>App data usage

  • disable ‘background processing’ for each data applications