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Data block battery drain

I have koodo's data block with msm, but am now having issues with battery drain when there is no WiFi available. I know it's because the phone is continuously searching for the network. Is there a way to tell the phone to stop looking workout turning off data on the phone? Otherwise I can only use msm at home, and it seems *very* tedious to turn data off every time I go out, not to mention a complete waste of the $2 per month. The phone is running android lollipop (4.4.2)

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Having the data block wouldn't have an impact on your battery unless you have apps set to update in the background. If you goto your data settings you can restrict background data totally. (Android). For ios you can restrict apps from even trying to use data. Other things can also impact your battery. Check the battery settings for a list of apps that are chewing through your battery.