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data block?

  • 18 March 2013
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i just switched over to the $30 canada wide data plan and have never had on the go data before. so, im not sure what it means when the example of data block comes up and says "blocks all 4g netwokrs and more" i added it to my add ons but does that mean i wont have data on the go? like if im in the grocery store and want to check my twitter when there is no wifi, can i if the data block is on? thank you!!!!

7 replies

No, if you put the data block addon on your account you will not be able to use data, you will be restricted to wifi. This addon enables you to make sure you cannot incur data charges on your bill. If you want to use data when you are outside the range of wifi via the Koodo cell network, you will have to remove your data block and manage your data use yourself.
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Data block should never be added to one of the canada wide data plans. Doing so is kind of like renting a car and then walling it up inside your garage. You're paying for data that the data block ensures you'll never be able to use.
oh okay thanks alot!! im a koodo noob lol
I had my data blocked so I did not use it. Futureshop guy said I should still be able to use Free Wifi, but my phone says blocked. Do I have to remove the block? If so will that change my contract as I have a plan that is no longer being offered. It is an essential add on. Thanks
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You don't have to remove data block to use Wifi. Check your Wi-Fi settings under Wireless settings. 🙂
You don't have to remove data block to use Wifi. Check your Wi-Fi settings under Wireless setting...My wifi is on and connected to my Shaw gateway modem. But when I try to g on the internet I get "Page not available" I am using a Samsung Ace. Wow now I just got a message that my SIM card is unregistered.
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Did you try this? Pull the battery out of the Ace and leave it out for 30 sec. Re-install battery and power up the Ace. If it's not working I suggest call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 from a landline, option #6 for technical support