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Data Add-ons

I know this Idea has been brought forward before, but I believe it is in need of a reintroduction of some sort. I believe there needs to be some sort of Data Only Add-on available for plans that contain little or no Data. Currently there are plans that have Data Associated with talk minutes. Personally, I don't quite need the extra talk time, and I can assume most other younger people don't use them as much or wait for the unlimited hours. I think the option for Data Add-ons would be quite popular and the charge for these Addons would be a ratio of 1$/10mb or 1$/50MB as it can be seen similar to the charges in the actual plans for the additional uses. That way plans that don't offer data can have data but keep their usual talk time minutes. This is my idea with additional details to sort of provide a starting point for Koodo if they are considering this option as well as to show that there is interest in Data Addons in the community.

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the old data saver plan is so good, it's too bad they got rid of it. 5$ for 25mb, IF you use it, but if you don't you don't get charged. It's really fair and I love it, but you can't get it on any of the new plans.