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  • 21 November 2020
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i have an issue with my data,. i recently change my plan with a 4 gb data acouple months ago, well teh next month it ends up not working. 

now im paying a bit more cause of the data. is there any way i can fix my data online or do i have to go to the store to actually fix it. 

im not the account holder of the my kood account, its still under my fathers name but recently he moved so i dont have a driver license number of his or whatever of his, 


so this is my question

how can i fix my data? 

how can i fix it personally? 

is there any way why my data stop working suddenly? 

1 reply

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@v.carrido You have a data block on your account. It appears you may have added it a couple of months ago. Not sure if it was by mistake or misunderstanding what it does. Please log into your account, remove it and your data should work fine.  I hope this helps!