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Match the data rates of some of the providers. A friend is getting 3 gigs and 1000 minutes with the standard bells and whistles with Bell for cheaper than I'm getting 1 gig

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One of the big questions with this is when did you get your plan vs. when did he get his? The reason why I ask is that although each of the telecoms have something different, they all have similar plans and they change a lot. Just looking at Koodo: A few years ago: Unlimited messaging was an addon Voicemail was an addon There was a cost to MMS Call display was an addon Data was an addon Evenings and weekends - both 7pm, and 5pm were addons What was standard was 50 text messages in a MONTH - I go through that in a few hours. But now current plans have these included - even the talk and text plans have SOME data, not much but some. And nobody will change your plan because they think that you may want something different - your friend has 3GB and 1,000 min, but you have 1GB and unlimited minutes, unlimited texting, etc... Each plan, each company has something different - they are aimed at giving ,you, the customer, what they want - maybe not exactly, but close (I want 752 MB, and I only want 211 min, and don't really need a lot of texting, I think I only need 16,956 messages). Sort of funny when you think of it this way Anyway, the idea is to give a range to each customer.
Range to each customer is fine, but I'm talking about meeting what the norm of the other providers is becoming. Which would also in turn make cheaper plans cheaper. I only got my plan a little over a year ago. Stay competitive. I like Koodo, however some of these other providers are working hard at enticing us away.