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Customize your own plan or less min and more data plan

I think it would be a great idea if Koodo will be the first carrier to carry either the "customized your own plan" or "less min and more data" plan. Personally, I'm a person that hardly talks on the phone, so only once in a blue moon, I would actually used over the monthly acquired minutes. (Of course, if you let me bank the minutes, I would probably never need to pay my bill in my lifetime). Anyway, because I do not want to pay for a huge bill, the data that comes in the plan are simply not enough. Usually by the last quarter of the month, I'm already getting the warning message and sometimes go without data for the last few days as it will replenish as the new month starts. So far I have never seen any cellphone carrier having "customized your own plan", so I think this would definitely be a nice gimmick to show Koodo is different and better than others. So I choose how many minutes, how much data and what other adds on I want to create my own plan. I know Koodo had done "less min and more data" in the past but it was taken out, and I missed the chance to change to those plans at that time and I think that wasn't very attractive price cut yet. By the way, I love you guys. Customer service is so GREAT!!! Very helpful all the time.

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This has been suggested before. It's not gonna happen.
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The logistics of having everything fully customizable would be mind boggling. And one of their big things in keeping things simple, fully customizable would be a departure from simplicity in a big way.
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Cant believe the other provinces have more data! Grrr start complaining people