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Customer Sales vs Service???

Why is Koodo so ambitious and generous to sell their plans during a time when they cannot support their newest clients? Something not right with this ‘service’ model. Now stuck with two phones that are inoperable.

I have had two scheduled call backs that were promised and did not happen. I received emails about activations being made but I cannot access my self-serve because of a persistent “pending approval” message. The chat robot chases me or I chase it in circles… What else… oh, I can make out going calls but anyone who calls me gets a busy signal.

Should I give up and go back to where I came from, find another provider that actually can serve?

Tarun? Are you there? You were very helpful getting me to this point! How about giving me a call and let’s get this deal you started with me working. Also, I saw connection fees posted on the Service Agreement when I you said they would be waived.

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Regarding the callback issue, I would suggest you check if you didn’t block their number 1 (866) 995-6636 in your phone and the number can receive call normally.

Regarding the account selfserve issue, you could go to their digital assistant and type in “I cannot access my selfserve”, it will ask you few question and hopefully it can reset it for you.

This is getting rediculous… 


These are the two messages I get:


You're still waiting to be approved

Looks like this account has already been linked to another email address. You're still waiting for permission from the owner of that email address. We'll email you once you're approved.



You don't have permission to access /account/selfserve/noattachments on this server.

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Hey @JohnKoodo - looks like you tried to create a profile without following the link/steps in the email that we send upon activation. This caused your email to get assigned to a temporary profile which wasn’t attached to your account. Following the steps @Dinh mentioned above via Koodo Assist should have allowed you to reset it on your own and get back on the right track. Did you try this and it didn’t work?

I’ve gone in and reset it for you now. You’ll receive an email saying your email addresss has been updated - you can ignore this, as it was just to release your email from the temporary profile. A second email includes the instructions on how to complete your profile. Please follow the link and steps in that email to get set up. Let us know if that doesn’t work.

Also, please ensure  you check your blocked call list and ensure any Koodo numbers are not in there. If it’s blocked, callbacks will indeed not be possible, again as @Dinh pointed out above.