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Current Prepaid vs Postpaid tradeoffs?

  • 16 November 2023
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Researching here and elsewhere, it looks like the major takeaways for Prepaid these days are:

  1. Still requires separate SIM from Postpaid
  2. Still does NOT support Wifi calling
  3. Now DOES support Volte
  4. DOES support eSIM
  5. Postpaid customers are considered new activations for Prepaid, and vice versa
  6. Currently no Prepaid 5G plans.

I’m currently on an archaic $50/5GB Postpaid plan, and if I can’t get Koodo to offer me the new activation $40/40 plan (which I hope they will), I might consider switching to Prepaid, rather than Virgin.  With the current promo codes and AutoTopup, I could get 22.5GB for $40, which would be enough data for me.  Prepaid is interesting in that I could tuck in a few minutes of Long Distance Talk with a booster, on the off chance I need to phone the US, rather than deal with the Intl Long Distance Saver, which apparently is up to $7/month now.


Any errors in my assumptions above, or any other notable gotchas with Prepaid?

8 replies

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The only other things I would add are:

Limited roaming options, and no tab options. (Have to buy phones outright or from other places)


My husband is on Prepaid with Koodo and has no issues, however, Koodo/Telus’s sister company Public Mobile has a better offer right now on Prepaid.  5G 20GB for $34 and also 5G 40GB for $40. 

People on this forum quite often recommend Public Mobile above Koodo’s Prepaid.




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I was gonna recommend going to Public mobile if you did indeed move to prepaid too

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Thanks, I’ve been looking at Public Mobile a bit as well, since it is also the Telus network (which I know covers the cottage I spend 5 months a year at since COVID).  I thought there was some gotcha that made them unsuitable, but checking again maybe not, seems to actually have Wifi calling where Koodo Prepaid doesn’t yet, although I hadn’t turned on Wifi until recently and it probably isn’t a dealbreaker.

I don’t have any desire to go prepaid as such, just want to get a decent break on a suitable amount of data and services.  I’m hoping that when I call in next week I’ll be able to get Koodo to match that $40/40 new rate, since it can’t be in their interest to lost me all together.  

I’d hope to have a new iPhone 15 around now, which with eSim and a second device would have made changing a bit easier.  Now that may not be until February, so a change would mean the nuisance of getting a new SIM as well as the number porting and whatnot.  That cottage I mentioned isn’t going to be in a 5G zone anytime this decade, so 5G would be nice for the 7 months I’m in an urban area, but not critical right now.

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Public Mobile does not have Wifi calling (unless they have just implemented it recently). However, if that is not a deal breaker, perhaps this does not matter to you, but might to others reading this thread.

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Hmm, must have got that wrong - unfortunately, I don’t think I can edit my message..  I only recently enabled WiFi calling on my Koodo/iPhone 7 setup, after not having it on before - if there are benefits in call quality or setup, I haven’t noticed.  I’m not sure what under what circumstances I’d have no signal from Koodo but be connected to a WiFi network.  My cottage reception is good enough I’ve never had problems with voice calls, although having an alternative to use the cottage wifi is handy.

For others in poor fixed reception areas where they have a wifi alternative, or roamers or whatnot, I imagine it could be more important. 

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Things are still early.  Wait until actual black friday and things may change rapidly.

I mentioned Public Mobile above and after thinking about it I moved my husband’s prepaid to them. I have been kinda lazy about his plan but we were paying $30 for 1 GB with Koodo and for another $4 he now has 20 GB with PM. Their talk minutes to the US are very cheap also - 1000 minutes for $15. ( I am sticking with Koodo as I switched to their $60 100 GB Canada-US plan).

But like Dennis says Black Friday may bring some attractive offers.