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  • 19 November 2023
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There seems to be misinformation floating around about if credits dropping off if one changes their rate plan to a cheaper plan. I’ve read on here that they WILL drop if switching to a cheaper plan ie $65 to $60 plan, but many users on Reddit claim their credits stayed regardless. I would like to change to the $60 us/can plan but don’t want to lose my credit. Can someone please finally confirm how this actually works? Thanks. 


Best answer by Flo Koodo 19 November 2023, 17:20

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2 replies

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There are many types of credits though. And there are several ways of changing plan. Official statement from Koodo is “it depends”. As anyone can say anything on reddit, I recommend you look into the official forum or contact Koodo directly for more information.

Regarding the BF credit, a rep mentioned it you changed to your plan to a higher rateplan, it certainly stays. I guess if you downgrade to a lower rateplan, the credit might drop (or might stay).

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Hi @j4v4n 

The monthly discounts are meant to stick to the original plan they were offered with. Changing to a plan of a lower cost than the original plan, will also remove the discounts. There may be instances where discounts would remain, however, those will eventually be removed as long as the new plan is not eligible with the discounts.