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build your own plan would let you create customized features rather than taking packages that may not be all you want them to be or be more than you need them to be.    No plan base.  I would like to select how many minutes, how much data, etc.  Pay for what I use and not for what I don't want.    This would require something on the website that shows the incremental total as you add features.  For example:  150 anytime talk minutes - boom! $10.  Add unlimited texting - bam! $5 with a total of $15.  I want 200 mb data - zing! $10 with the total now showing $25.  There ya go!!!

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That's EXACTLY how prepaid works, yay! Unlimited texting: $15, minus 10% for auto top up, $13.50, boom! 150 anytime talk minutes: $7.50, bam! 200 mb data: $6, zing! Total: $27. Almost exactly the total you wanted, given or taken a dollar or two. There ya go!!!
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That felt like reading an old Batman & Robin comic :oP