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Couple or Family Plan

  • 24 September 2014
  • 2 replies

My idea would be a couple or family phone plan. That includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and multimedia, voicemail, and unlimited or shareable data. At a great price. Families are growing everyday. And cell phones have become a necessity in life. You would be making easier on families in one way by only have to pay one bill instead of multiple bills in multiple companies. And if the deal is great you can get the whole family instead of just one individual.

2 replies

I think that's a great idea and if it was a good enough deal then pass it along to other family and friends to try does koodo have anything like this?
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Multiple lines on one account means one bill.
All lines on one account have unlimited minutes between the lines.
Anything more than that and youd be looking at Koodo's parent company Telus. If Koodo started taking all the feature Telus had than there wouldnt be that difference I companies.
You may find it cheaper though to have multiple lines with individual plans with Koodo than a family plan with other companies though.