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Could you make your US roaming addons recurring please?

  • 28 July 2014
  • 2 replies

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At one point in time you had plans that were recurring (they would start again at the start of the next billing period). I have noticed that your new US roaming addons, although they are really nice, you do not have recurring plans, so I have to remember to put this on every month when the other one expires. Could you please add recurring US roaming addons, because at this time it is really inconvienent for me. I am always back and forther between the US and Canada and this would save me money. Thank you for thinking about this.

2 replies

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It maybe a good idea for some but I think just as many may find it a pain in the butt....I would now have to remember to remove the add-on after my trip otherwise it stays on my account and I'm paying for a service I don't use. 🙂
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Hey Dave, Thanks for submitting your idea. I'm happy to say that we've brought back recurring US roaming add-ons. I hope this helps you prepare for any travel you do - now and in the future. Thanks again!