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cool koodo phone

  • 5 November 2012
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am i able to go on a contract but get the phone shipped to me because i am not in city

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5 replies

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Yes you can purchase the phone online and have it sent to your door. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
Just looking for some clarification here Dawn, Are you looking to get an iPhone? As this is the only contract phone I am aware of. It is available in store only - specifically to my understanding Koodo kiosks only, so Walmart/Futureshop as near as I am aware do not carry the iPhone. Unsure about larger centres, but Futureshop and Walmart locally here have confirmed that they will never carry a Koodo iPhone. Sorry KID ANDROID, not meaning to keep nit picking your posts 😉
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Hi there, Mark is right! The iPhone is only available in Koodo stores and can’t be ship to customers, whether on a contract or not. If you can get your hands on an unlocked iPhone (3GS / 4 / 4S / 5), you could always activate it on your account and choose any plan and feature you want 🙂 Just make sure to order the proper SIM card (3GS: regular SIM card / 4 & 4S: Micro SIM card / 5: Nano SIM card) online via this link http://koo.do/GCXK7A and you’re be good to go!
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Am I missing something, I don't see anything mentioned about an iPhone in her question? - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
I kinda knit together contract and get the phone shipped - has to be the iPhone right? *disclaimer: hardcore android fan here - but for humor sakes* Wouldn't the "cool" phone be the iPhone? 😃 (imo your Note II or the new Nexus 4 wins that title, but I digress 🙂