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Contract doesnt reflect the price the salesperson sold me. Customer service keeps hanging up.

  • 19 April 2021
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I am a long time Koodo customer.

I just upgraded my phone and plan, the sales person gave me 8gb a month for $55. I received an email confirming this new price and plan.

The following email (my Koodo Contract) is wrong. My plan is listed. as 8gb a month for $65 dollars. 

I called Koodo to speak to customer service becauseI need my contract updated to the price I was sold (which there is email proof of). I have had my call dropped three times and been told Koodo will not update my contract.

I will be cancelling my plan and my families plans with the company if they cannot give me the accurate. contract (which there is email proof of!)

What now?



1 reply

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Could you send a screenshot where you see the wrong pricing? Just leave out any personal info.

Sometimes pricing will show the tab and plan together so if you got the $55 8GB with a $10/month Tab for example it may show as $65/month since it's giving you the total price.

You also may have received a $10 bill credit for x amount of months which doesn't appear on your service agreement but may appear in other places.