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Confused about pay-per-use data.

What does pay-per-use data mean. it says 7.50$/50 MB. Is this internet usage OR data can also be used without internet surfing? and is 50 MB large volume of data?

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Hi Shereen, it is data when you are not using WiFi (your home router). Anything you do on the Internet is data, such as surfing the web, email, Facebook or updating apps. To be honest 50MB is next to nothing... don't expect to be able to do a lot of browsing... it will be used up really quickly!
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Sophia is right 50 MB is basically nothing - many people want their phones to have at least 1 GB (1024 MB) on it, and some still go over it. Some ways to keep your data usage down is to leave wifi on all the time (most cities have businesses with free wifi that you can pick up), and also turn off data on your phone unless you really need it, then turn it on for that length, and turn it off again. Make sure that all of your apps are not set to automatic updates - this way, you will get a notice saying that a certain app wants to update and you can wait until you are near wifi before updating it. Also, if you have an android then you can set up a data usage limit on your phone - this means that data will turn off when it reaches a certain point, according to your phone (please keep in mind that your phone and koodo may measure data differently, so to give yourself leeway (and avoid extra charges, set it to 45 MB) - but I think you have a plan that only has 250 KB. - it is probably easiest just to turn it off
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I believe that you are on CAN Talk & Text 100 min $29 - if you are thinking of using some data but not much, switch to CAN Data 50MB 200 min $35 It is not much difference but it would still be a saving of $1.50 ($6 more for the plan, but if you use 50 MB of data with the first plan it would cost $7.50 - hence the difference of $1.50.) If you look at your usage in your self serve account, then you can determine roughly, what sort of plan, is best suited for yourself.
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Dave wrote:

I believe that you are on CAN Talk & Text 100 min $29 - if you are thinking of using some data b...

Or if you are a light-user, than Koodo Prepaid may be your best deal! Base plans start at $15/month and you can add talk and data boosters to your account that do not expire, but carry over the next months as long as your renew your base plan.