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Conflicting Information

  • 3 August 2022
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Anyone else had an issue trying to downgrade their cell phone plan and get conflicting information? I was told I could downgrade by getting a callback. Finally got a callback and was told I could only upgrade my plan and pay more  or pay the same price and get a lower amount of data. I don’t need the data I do have, so want to downgrade for now. Today received a phone call from Koodo saying that due being a long time customer I’m eligible for great deals, and the changes I made to my plan can be better. I said I never made any changes but want to. I said I want to downgrade due to not needing the data, he said he couldn’t help and transferred me to someone else. The someone else was a machine answered by Telus, the robot asked for my cell number which I put in…. then the robot came on and said no one available to help and it hung up. Next came a text with a link to another robot to guide me through making self serve changes! I CANNOT do this on self serve!  VERY FRUSTRATING!

3 replies

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What plan do you have?

How much and how many GB if data included?

Do you have any Tab left on your account?

No tab, presently I have 16 gb data for $55 and was told of price increase to $60 in August. I want to go down to the $45 for 6 gb data. 

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Ok, your $55 for 16GB was BYOB promo plan, correct?

And a rep ( or 2 reps?) told you that you can't switch to starter plan?

I would try again and tell them that you don't have any Tab left, and want to switch to a $45 , 6GB starter plan.

I'm surprised that Koodo is increasing almost all plans ( not just low priced legacy plans 😐)


ADD: If they don't give you a starter plan, then Public mobile or Fido back to school promo has same plan - $45 for 6GB.   If you don't have any Tab, those are options too.