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Conference call limited to 3 parties

  • 24 March 2021
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With my Android phone I can use “Add Call” and “merge” and bring two people in on a call.  However when I try to call a third person, I can’t merge them into the call.   Friends with Apple phone and different carries seem to have unlimited parties on conference calls.   Is this a function of my plan?  Or Android?  Or what?

5 replies

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Yeah conference calling is really just 3 way calling. 

It looks like the parent company (Telus) is also just a 3 way. I know Fido can do 5 way calling. But no carrier does unlimited conference calling. 


To solve this you can daisy chain multiple 3 way calls. So you merge a 3rd caller. The 3rd caller merges the 4th caller (which is their 3rd connection), and so on and so forth 

Actually it would be my 2nd callee that would bring in the third callee, and counting me that would be 4 people. Will have to try that.  But annoying that Telus/Koodo limit it.  Why??

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VoIP providers have a higher limit of conference calling...I’ve seen 15 for free even. Any reason you can’t use whatsapp or some other messaging app that allows audio calls?

Some of my friends only have land lines.  


I can’t even add two calls. Add button is greyed out.